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Village Tour Sri Lanka gives you a chance to experience traditional Sri Lanka with all its authenticity. Spend time with the villagers and understand village life. Engage in many village activities that form everyday life; such as an oxen cart ride, a catamaran ride and a walk through the fields. Learn to cook traditional Sri Lankan food. You will finish off with an exceptionally delicious buffet lunch, served in classic Sri Lankan style. This is your truly Sri Lankan holiday experience.


Upon arrival welcome by village tour Sri Lanka team and enjoy with refreshing detox juice. 

  • Tuk Tuk. Ride & Bull Cart Ride
  • Sri Lankan Traditional Catamaran Ride
  • Walk Through the Local Villages
  • Sri Lankan Buffet Organic Local Food

Organic Lunch Buffet

Sri Lankan Organic Lunch Buffet, Main Course
  • Red rice, White rice or Yellow rice
  • Five Organic vegetables ( Curry/ Fried or Salad )
  • Fresh water fried fish
  • Sri Lankan papad and fried chili
  • Dessert : Seasonal cut Fruits / Curd & Trickle or Watalappan

Places to Visit

Village Tour Sri Lanka takes you on a journey into the areas surrounding the Nilagama village and you can enjoy well with real local environment.

Nilagiri Purana Rajamaha Viharaya

The Rock of Beds of Gerandigala ​

Viharahinna - The Hidden Wonder


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