Village Tour Sri Lanka


The Hidden Wonder in the Jungle

The silence was deafening. The jungle spread before us. Huge ancient trees towered high over a mix of jungle scrub – dark, mysterious, secretive. Here and there we could glimpse a stone pillar braving the tangle of undergrowth – waiting to be discovered.
Today its only witness is its ancient brick foundation and some stone pillars. The few guard stones and moonstones that were visible showed no ornamentation. The balustrades on either side of the shallow steps leading to the image house were charming in their very simplicity. Judging by the pillars it appeared to have been quite a tall building.
A broken granite image of the Lord Buddha, maybe around 11 feet in height, could be seen in the inner chamber of the image house. “Till recently the image was partly buried in the ground and we offered flowers to the top part of the image which was the only part exposed. Viharahinna, no doubt, is one of those ancient sites less frequented by tourists.
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